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  • Use your PowerShell prompt to differentiate between regular and admin sessions

    I often find myself switching between regular and administrator PowerShell sessions. If you have one of each session open, the only way to tell the difference between them is to look for the word “Administrator” in the title bar. I’m not sure if it’s the poor contrast in the title bar or if I’m slowly […]

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  • Using Message Handlers in ASP.NET Web API

    Using Message Handlers in ASP.NET Web API

    Message handlers are a very powerful yet underutilized part of the ASP.NET Web API framework. In this post, I’ll demonstrate their usefulness in keeping your API clean, maintainable, and testable. Before I get into how to write a message handler you need to know where they fit into the Web API request pipeline and how […]

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  • Cloud Design Patterns: Retry

    The Problem Cloud applications depend on a lot of interconnected services and resources. These services are generally reliable, but transient failures are simply a reality of the Internet. While providers like Azure and AWS try their best to make sure their services are available they can’t mitigate the risk entirely. Not accounting for this in the […]

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  • Cloud Design Patterns: Cache-Aside

    Imagine you’ve built and deployed an incredible new application that is taking the Internet by storm. At first, you were amazed at the horde of new users that were registering every day. Now after seeing how taxed your compute and data store resources are you wish it hadn’t happened quite so fast. Even after scaling up resources, you’re […]

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