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  • Script: Deleting all Evicted Pods in Kubernetes

    Script: Deleting all Evicted Pods in Kubernetes

    Do you have a lot of evicted pods that need to be deleted in your Kubernetes cluster? Use the script below to clean them up. This script will search for evicted pods across all namespaces and delete them. You’ll find both a Powershell and bash version below. What are evicted pods? Kubernetes will evict pods […]

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  • Powershell DSC Extension: Opening Firewall Ports with DSC

    I am NOT a systems administrator. But as I’m studying for the 70-532 exam one of the objectives is using the Powershell DSC extension. Most of the basic examples I’ve seen revolve around installing IIS, which was good but I wanted to try something else. So I decided to try opening firewall ports with DSC. […]

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  • Use your PowerShell prompt to differentiate between regular and admin sessions

    I often find myself switching between regular and administrator PowerShell sessions. If you have one of each session open, the only way to tell the difference between them is to look for the word “Administrator” in the title bar. I’m not sure if it’s the poor contrast in the title bar or if I’m slowly […]

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