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  • Script: Deleting all Evicted Pods in Kubernetes

    Do you have a lot of evicted pods that need to be deleted in your Kubernetes cluster? Use the script below to clean them up. This script will search for evicted pods across all namespaces and delete them. You’ll find both a Powershell and bash version below. What are evicted pods? Kubernetes will evict pods […]

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  • Dependency Injection in Azure Functions

    The simplicity of Azure Functions makes it tempting to avoid following good design practices like dependency injection. The default project template doesn’t even support it. This may be fine for learning and quick experiments but would be a mistake for production code. Simplicity is not an excuse for bad engineering. Luckily, setting up dependency injection […]

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  • Powershell DSC Extension: Opening Firewall Ports with DSC

    I am NOT a systems administrator. But as I’m studying for the 70-532 exam one of the objectives is using the Powershell DSC extension. Most of the basic examples I’ve seen revolve around installing IIS, which was good but I wanted to try something else. So I decided to try opening firewall ports with DSC. […]

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  • Build ARM Templates to Simplify Deployments

    One of the first Azure-specific projects I worked on was a script to create all of the resources needed to run our application. It used the Azure Powershell module to build those resources and then deploy the application. That script saved a lot of time but it was error-prone and a headache to modify. Just […]

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  • Using Message Handlers in ASP.NET Web API

    Using Message Handlers in ASP.NET Web API

    Message handlers are a very powerful yet underutilized part of the ASP.NET Web API framework. In this post, I’ll demonstrate their usefulness in keeping your API clean, maintainable, and testable. Before I get into how to write a message handler you need to know where they fit into the Web API request pipeline and how […]

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