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Script: Deleting all Evicted Pods in Kubernetes

Do you have a lot of evicted pods that need to be deleted in your Kubernetes cluster? Use the script below to clean them up. This script will search for evicted pods across all namespaces and delete them. You’ll find both a Powershell and bash version below.

What are evicted pods?

Kubernetes will evict pods from a node when the resources on that node (CPU, memory, etc) are under stress. These pods will remain visible in your cluster until they are manually deleted. This is by design. If you are seeing evicted pods it means one or more nodes in the cluster have been under significant stress and could be a sign of a larger underlying problem.


kubectl get pod allnamespaces `
| Select-String Evicted `
| % {$_ -Replace \s{2,}, } `
| ConvertFrom-Csv Delimiter Header namespace, pod `
| foreach { kubectl delete pod $_.pod n $_.namespace }


kubectl get pod –all-namespaces | \
grep Evicted | \
while read line; \
namespace=$(echo $line | awk {print $1});
pod=$(echo $line | awk {print $2});
kubectl delete pod $pod -n $namespace;

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