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  • Using Azure.Identity to Connect to Azure SQL

    The new Azure.Identity library hit GA this month. I’ve been wanting to modify a lot of our services to use managed identities and this library, through the use of DefaultAzureIdentity, finally streamlines the experience between local development and running in Azure. So far only the most common Azure SDK packages have first-class support for it, […]

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  • Extending SQL Generation in Entity Framework Core

    I’ve been working on a project where we’re migrating a data access layer from an old ORM to Entity Framework Core. The old ORM has some features that EF Core doesn’t support, so I was tasked with seeing if the SQL generation in Entity Framework Core’s SQL Server provider could be extended to support what […]

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  • Testing Entity Framework Core Migrations

    It’s a good practice to always test your EF migration code when you create a new migration, especially if you are manually tweaking the Up() or Down() code. If that code doesn’t apply the changes properly it could put the database in a bad state and break migrations if you try to run it again. […]

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